Marcus Veda


Marcus Veda's road to yoga was not a conventional one. Fresh out of Uni,
he managed to use his degree in philosophy to justify spending his 20s touring the world as an international DJ,
wholeheartedly committing to the hedonistic life… and loving every banging minute of it.
It wasn’t until a spur-of-the-moment decision to take up break-dancing on stage one night put an extended stop
to all professional jumping around, that he finally took a therapist friend’s advice in trying yoga to get fixed.
A need to properly heal the body coincided with a sneaking desire for change in the mind that landed Marcus on the mat…
Trying every style of class he could get to on every studio intro-offer in London, he finally landed on dynamic vinyasa
and more specifically, The Ashtanga-inspired Rocket system, which satisfied his undying urge to fly.

Completing his first 200hrs teacher training with the Yoga People in Goa he went on to further train in advanced progressive ashtanga
and Yin Yoga, deepening his appreciation of what yoga can be beyond the asanas that drew him in.