Our retreats combine yoga with Scandinavian lifestyle and culture,

Framed by expert teaching and a sensibility for purity and vitality,

we offer a time and a place to reassess, refocus, retreat.





To retreat is to step back.
Our beautiful locations – from Lyngen Lodge, a luxury boutique lodge above the Arctic Circle in Norway
to award winning Tilton House in the English South Downs National Park –
have been specifically chosen as the perfect environment
to take a moment to catch your breath and kick off your shoes.


Our aim is to make each retreat a way to restoring wellbeing. Like us all,
that comes in a variety of forms, pairing yoga of different types and levels of difficulty with
feel-good nutrition, whether that be a detox plan or a glass of champagne in the hot tub.


Though rest assured, all our retreats are rooted in a Scandinavian way of life,
shining thru from the choice of venue, food or specific events.


Bespoke retreats are an important part of what we do, so please get in touch to find out
how we can help you create your own Scandinavian-inspired retreat.


Arctic Norway
19-23 June 2019

Minna Skirgård

Returning to Lyngen Lodge for a slice of Scandinavian heaven. Arctic adventure, yoga and delicious cuisine.
Retreat with a difference.
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Arctic Norway
23-27 June 2019

Minna Skirgård

If you value health, wellbeing, adventure, nature and peace
- this retreat is for you.
Early summer in Northern Norway.
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Arctic Norway
21-25 August 2019

Caroline Graham-Wood

Another chance to join this popular retreat
in the latter part of summer.
Caroline's second time to the Arctic.
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Sussex, UK
25-28 August 2017

Minna Skirgård

August Bank holiday in beautiful South Downs in Sussex.
This retreat has SOLD OUT.
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Arctic Norway
14-18 June 2017

Minna Skirgård

Lyngen Lodge and Scandoir collaboration offering yoga
and Northern Norway adventures.
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Sussex, UK
28 April - 1 May 2017

Natasha Kerry

May bank holiday at award-winning Tilton House
in beautiful Sussex has SOLD OUT.
Yoga, healthy food, country walks and much more.
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Cotswolds, UK
28 April - 1 May 2017

Celest Pereira

The early May Bank holiday long weekend retreat in the Cotswolds has SOLD OUT. Enjoy spring time in the
countryside, yoga and delicious food.
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Sussex, UK
22 - 24 July 2016

Clare Dobson

Enjoy a summer weekend in a Georgian country house only 1.5hr away from London in beautiful Sussex.
Yoga, healthy food, country walks and much more.
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Idöborg, Sweden
23-30 July 2016

Kristi Johnson

Come explore the serenity of Idöborg. A week of
Forrest yoga and delicious, nourishing vegetarian food
on your own magical island in Sweden.
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Idöborg, Sweden
31 July-7 August 2016

Marcus Veda

Another retreat to the Swedish island of Idöborg. A week of
Rocket yoga and delicious, nourishing vegetarian food
on your own magical island in Sweden.
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Little Venice, London
20 August 2016

Minna Skirgård

Day (re)treat to magical Little Venice, Maida Vale. Yoga in stunning private garden followed by healthy breakfast.
Only 8 spaces available.
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London UK
23 April 2016

Minna Skirgård

Yoga & Smörgåsbord event in Soho. Another London day (re)treat for yoga addicts, brunch lovers or social butterflies…
An event promising to feel, taste and do good.
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Cotswolds, UK
29 April - 2 May 2016

Celest Pereira

Take advantage of Early May Bank holiday and book this luxurious long weekend away in the Cotswolds. Enjoy spring time in the countryside, yoga and delicious food.
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London, UK
27 February 2016

Minna Skirgård

Yoga & Fika event in Soho. Another London day (re)treat for yoga addicts, fika lovers or social butterflies…
An event promising to feel, taste and do good.
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London, UK
10 April 2016

Minna Skirgård

Yoga & Smörgåsbord event in Soho. Another London day (re)treat for yoga addicts, brunch lovers or social butterflies…
An event promising to feel, taste and do good.
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London, UK
8 November 2015

Minna Skirgard

A London day (re)treat for yoga addicts, brunch lovers or social butterflies… this event captures it all under one roof in Covent Garden. An event promising to feel, taste and do good.
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Kingham, UK
9 - 11 October 2015

Rachel Okimo

Flow in to autumn with a revitalising weekend retreat in the Cotswolds. Yoga, gourmet food and spa facilities. Enjoy beautiful country side walks, peace and quiet only 90min from London.
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Idöborg, Sweden
26 July - 2 August 2015

 Mark Kan

Idöborg truly has something unique to offer. This retreat quickly sold out. Dharma Mittra yoga with Mark and healthy delicious food on your very own magical island in Sweden.
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Idöborg, Sweden
27 June - 4 July 2015

Erin Prichard

Come explore the serenity of Idöborg.
A week of Yogasana and delicious nourishing Scandinavian food on your own magical island in Sweden.
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Kingham, UK
15-18 May 2015

Kristi Johnson

Join us for a long weekend of Forrest yoga, delicious Scandinavian inspired food and spa facilities in the Cotswolds. Spring clean your body and mind.
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Cotswolds, UK
6-9 February 2015

Catia Leite

A long weekend of invigorating yoga and delicious Scandinavian inspired food prepared by the owner of Retreat café.
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We host Scandinavian Inspired Retreats working with some of the world’s best leaders within the
health and wellness field to help you rebalance and regain a complete sense of wellbeing.


Our retreats combine yoga with Scandinavian lifestyle and culture. Framed by expert teaching
and a sensibility for purity and vitality, we offer a time and a place to reassess, refocus, retreat.


Scandoir is only interested in providing the best. We use our experience and knowledge of individual teachers,
talented chefs and beautiful retreat locations to ensure peace of mind and contentment for body and soul.


Read more about the launch of Scandoir in this Yoga Magazine write-up

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At Scandoir, we have handpicked well-respected and admired
leaders in the fields of yoga, wellness and nutrition.


They come highly recommended, by us. For we know personally that
all our retreats are led by teachers, therapists and chefs whose techniques and
knowledge will help you strengthen not only your body but your sense of self.


Clare Dobson, an experienced yoga teacher and therapist. Primarily vinyasa but also restorative yoga combined with sport and massage therapy.

More about Clare

Caroline Graham-Wood offer students a way to challenge their physical and mental limits, develop strength, flexibility, awareness and balance.

More about Caroline

Kristi Johnson is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher in London. Her classes are strong, grounded and inspiring, based on the four pillars of Forrest Yoga.

More about Kristi

Mark Kan, a senior Dharma teacher in London, a mentor on the teacher training faculty in New York and author of The Complete Yoga Tutor (2013).

More about Mark

Natasha Kerry is one of London's leading teachers in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Pranayama and Meditation as well as the creator of ‘The Yoga Sleep Method’.
More about Natasha

Kimberly Parsons, a trained Naturopath, now the founder of ‘Retreat’ café - London's haven for wholesome, nourishing quality cuisine.

More about Kimberly

Celest Pereira, is a professionally trained dancer, martial artist and London yoga teacher. Expect to work hard and laugh a lot.

More about Celest

Erin Prichard is a senior yoga teacher in London and has been teaching Yogasana for over 11 years. She also runs teacher training programs at PYC.

More about Erin

Marcus Veda is certified in both Rocket and Yin Yoga. Expect a strong focus on the connection of breath and movement, flying and grounding.

More about Marcus



A word from founder Minna Skirgård


Hej! I am Swedish and a yoga teacher. But it's not always been that simple.

Deciding to resign from my finance job in The City was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made.
But I had reached a point where I realised that the rest of my life lay ahead of me and I wanted to spend it differently.
I decided to design a life I could love.


Scandoir is my response to modern life. I wanted a way to combine yoga with a taste of home,
sharing their benefits in helping people reach a better balance.


Scandoir was brewing for a long time between hours stuck behind a screen and yoga classes,
and took on many different forms, but there was always the same goal;
to help people be healthier and happier through yoga and the goodness of a Scandinavian way of life.


Today, yoga forms the framework of my life, as my personal practice brings me
physical, mental and spiritual strength both on and off the mat.


Hari Om Tat Sat.


For more about my personal journey and teachings go to minnayoga.com



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“Scandoir was truly magical, from the stunning venue on a remote idyllic island to the excellent yoga classes, the rustic and wonderful accommodation, delicious food and all the surprise activities arranged to keep us all entertained. What a week, I will definitely be returning!”
“The yoga retreat was just what I needed, to be with like minded people eating great healthy food and enjoying authentically taught yoga. The venue was amazing and to top a great weekend I had the best massage ever.”
“Scandoir is a small-scale business, and because of this, personal touches are what characterize it: traditional homemade elderflower juice upon arrival, hand-written cards with personal messages to each of us (in our own languages:) and any and all questions graciously and quickly answered. Scandoir also carefully selects its venues, to be certain the venues themselves have not only that sense of the personal but also a sense of being uniquely Scandinavian: closely integrated with nature, clean lines and design, and a sense of light. I cannot imagine a better introduction to Scandinavia.”
“The retreat was amazing, gorgeous setting, genuine lovely people. There was the opportunity to be quiet but also to have fun which I think is the perfect balance, it just could have been longer!”
“This was my first yoga retreat and it beat all my expectations. I had such a good time, I'm definitely going to do this again, and why not with Scandoir! The island of Idoborg is just magical, and perfect for a week of yoga and relaxing. The classes were inspiring and challenging thanks to an excellent teacher. The vegetarian food was fantastic even for a non vegetarian like me. We were also lucky that Scandoir brought a very talented massage therapist with us. The other yoginis were all incredibly friendly and none of us wanted to leave when the retreat was over!”
“I would thoroughly recommend a Scandoir retreat. The group was small so I felt like part of a big, happy group of friends right from the start. I had been in Kristi's classes before so I knew she was a great teacher. Knowing that Minna hand picks teachers she knows herself is very reassuring as I now know that whatever retreat I go on will have quality yoga. From the email booking to the arrival at the retreat, the organisation was seamless and friendly at all times. Was lovely to have Minna, the organiser, at the retreat with us. Accommodation was great and the little bag of toiletries and smoothie mix on our beds when we arrived was a lovely touch. The Liforme mat competition was also a nice idea. Food was great - healthy and plentiful! Would definitely go on another retreat!”
“My Scandoir experience was perfect- thorough organisation before departing for the retreat enabled me to enjoy the beautiful and magical island of Idoborg, meet amazing and like minded individuals and participate in inspirational morning and evening yoga classes.”
“I'm looking for the next Scandoir retreat. The quality of the yoga classes and overall experiences truly sets the gold standard for yoga retreats.”
“I would continue to and have already recommended, Scandoir to my students as an excellent retreat and I look forward to our next retreat with you.”
“The organisation matched all expectations. There is a Nordic efficiency in dealing with anything so that one doesn't notice it in the frontlines. The locations are selected for their serene beauty and become a fantastic background to yoga practice.”
“Extremely professional and inspirational yoga teacher, lovely location and great organisation!”



Thank you for visiting Scandoir online.
Please see our contact details below as we’d love to hear from you.



Email: hello@scandoir.com









Is Scandoir for me?

We have a range of retreats and are working to consider more. If you’re unsure about particular itineraries or whether we can fulfil your requirements, please get in touch and we can chat through your concerns or ideas.


What about solo travellers?

Many of our guests travel alone. Our team is on hand for as much or little as you require. Organisation is the Scandinavian way, so feel rest assured that all parts are fully explained. Though please do not feel obliged to participate in every activity – feeling comfortable is essential. Expect a mix of guests and anticipate enthusiasm for yoga and wellbeing.


What about varying levels of yoga experience?

Yoga experience is detailed within each retreat description, though please contact us if you are at all unclear.


What types of yoga do you cover?

The type of yoga depends on the retreat and the specialisms of the teacher. Check the retreat’s details or contact us for further information.


What is a typical day like?

Our days are framed by wellbeing. Typically, this includes a morning and an afternoon session of yoga, or other activity as detailed in the retreat description. We are serious about your enjoyment, and in providing a complete and fulfilling retreat experience. We also offer plenty of opportunity to make the most of our wonderful locations. If you would like more specific detail for a particular retreat, please contact us for further details.


Is every class mandatory?

All our classes are optional, though we recommend making the most of our great teachers. The price of the retreat is all-inclusive. There is no breakdown and no refunds for missed classes during the retreat.


What is covered in the cost?

We value offering the full experience. This includes accommodation, food and classes. We also provide local transfers for recommended flights or train station. Flights, personal insurance, taxis and excursions, laundry, telecoms and internet and alcohol are not covered unless stated. Some massage and spa treatments are included, but please check retreat details for clarification.


What to pack?

A list for each retreat will be provided on booking. Please contact us if you are unsure about any particular items.


Do you need any dietary information?

We cater for everyone. Our chefs create menus specific to groups and individual needs, and in addition work to ensure that the finest local ingredients are sourced for every meal. A Scandoir profile form – which you will receive on booking – will provide you with the opportunity to tell us about your dietary requirements.


Do you have an alcohol policy?

You are welcome to bring alcohol. Please be aware that alcoholic drinks are not included in the cost unless specifically stated.


Can I keep in touch with home or the office?

Keeping in contact with loved ones can be helpful for many visitors on retreat, though we do encourage guests to embrace the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in their own wellbeing during this rare and special experience. Our retreat locations have adequate mobile phone reception, but please check with us for more site-specific information if this if of concern.


Is there anything else I should know?

All bookings are accompanied with an email detailing a list of considerations before the start of your retreat. We appreciate that we may have not been able to answer all your questions fully here, so please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 7252 739567 or email with any unresolved questions.



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