Natasha Kerry


Natasha was born a contemplator and deep thinker with a keen interest in opening the body and expanding the mind.

Natasha’s Yoga is an approachable, fun but deep-working exploration of the juiciest methods in which to open the body to it’s fullest potential, create muscular strength and flexibility, and most importantly, reconnect to your happiest and most peaceful self.

As one of London’s leading Yoga teachers, Natasha takes great pleasure in creating events
and opportunities for busy Londoners to reconnect to stillness and inward reflection and hosts frequent
workshops and retreats in her unique and transformative style of Yoga.

As well as being passionate about the science and anatomy of the Yoga practice, Natasha draws upon universal teachings on the body, mind and spirit from Buddhism, Taoism and Tantra. She imparts all she has learned in an open and compassionate
way whilst holding space for her students to go deeper and attain sweet releases on the mat.

Natasha is a featured presenter for yearly events and festivals including Mind Body Spirit and Wilderness Festival and
she teaches internationally as well as at London’s most prestigious Yoga studios and members clubs.

Natasha is also the creator of ‘The Yoga Sleep Method’ for deep relaxation and conducts
one-to-one sessions in London with a wide range of successful clientele.

Natasha’s Yoga Sleep Method is the art of sleep with awareness and aims to train the mind, rebalance the body’s internal systems of equilibrium and aid deep relaxation and better sleep. It is an easy and accessible way of exploring the subconscious
mind and will make an appearance in Savasana during her weekend and week-long retreats.