Kimberly Parsons


Kimberly Parsons, owner and founder of ‘Retreat’ Café’, is an integral part of London’s
yoga and wellness revolution and is making it her mission to change the way we see health food.
Her health food cafes dotted around London yoga studios offer Londoners a haven
in which to enjoy gluten, dairy & refined sugar-free options.
Kimberly is changing the way we see health food by making sure every item on the menu is delicious
and even more enticing than the equivalent ‘unhealthy’ varieties. Soon to publish her second recipe book,
titled 'The Yoga Kitchen' - out on the 19th May, Kimberly is becoming a face to watch in the ever growing wellness world.
Starting her career as a Naturopath. Trained in Australia at the South School of Natural Therapies,
Kimberly completed her degree and then set off on a food quest to Europe where she cut her teeth cooking in
Tuscan Villas and French Ski Chalets before moving to London where she pursued a career as a private chef,
publishing her first recipe book in 2012 (Suitcases of Recipes, published in Norway).

I believe in eating with the seasons, being mindful about what we are putting into our bodies and trying to nourish our bodies with the best foods possible. Real, whole and everything in moderation are my guidelines when it comes to our own food choices